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Seems like how Stargazer and I talk.
I love this show

With your non proper tea :P

We discovered Iced Tea after we threw your tea off the ships at the Boston Tea Party. Greatest invention ever… Yes I still say Arnold Palmer Iced Tea trumps your *pinky out* proper tea :P

Casual reminder it was a Portuguese princess who brought the tradition of drinking tea to England.

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But yea, those darned men and their spread legs are oppressing you.

When I would use the bus in high school, I would do this because I didn’t want some creep sitting next to me. That’s something both my parents taught me to do; always sit by yourself unless you have a friend with you. It’s not being a “seat hog,” it’s being safe. And if you’re really going to get that anal about it then just ask them to put the bag down.

So your parents taught you to be a complete asshole? 

If you don’t move your purse out of the way i’ll move it for you and trust me I’ve had to do it many times on the busses in my city

They’re usually pretty packed and usually there’s girls who just blatantly take up the seat next to them with their giant ass purses and when you ask them if you could sit down they look at you like you like  ”ewww god gross go away” and shake their head and then that’s  usually when I just sit down anyways or move their bags for them, because there’s no way I’m paying 2.55 to stand for half an hour on my way to work you rude ass bitch

seriously its not that hard to put your purse on your lap… If you have groceries or shopping bags, most buses have a place at the front for you to place them at. Which means yea, you gotta sit near them or stand near them. Shit. Logic

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