nice gender did your mom pick it out for you

No, my dad did.

I literally scrolled past this and then scrolled back up real quick to reblog because I finally understood the joke. 

the-armed-road-cyclist dat hashtag tho

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Oh shit! I accidentally changed my avatar and don’t know how to go back!!! 

On another note, I have a new theme for my blog.

It’s so disappointing to find out Nick Kroll is a giant prick in real life

Although I should expect that from a trust fund baby who is dating a borderline commie.

I still love Ruxin though.

I am not complaining because I am content with my life and where it is headed but every once in a while I get a little down because I think of what it would be like if I decided to go another route.  Usually because I see so many people getting married and having kids.

Then I metaphorically slap myself in the face because I got work to do and no one gets a PhD while having a fucking pity party.

My favorite song that they sang on Saturday. Wish they would have played Sweetness but this song has so many positive memories attached to it, I was stoked when they played it.



I also have never celebrated Valentine’s day. I just don’t see the the practicality in telling someone you love them bc the calender says so. Or spending money on flowers that are going to die

does give you an excuse to go out to dinner. or to buy chocolates. lol.

That’s true but I have always wanted a spontaneous Valentine’s Day

I also have never celebrated Valentine’s day. I just don’t see the the practicality in telling someone you love them bc the calender says so. Or spending money on flowers that are going to die


Two of my favorite things about the 80’s in one graphic.

See also: 8-bit Reagan!

If I ever get a bae, and i go to get the bae an anniversary gift


Even though I dont really believe in anniversary gifts I’d die of laughter.

Attention Human Species

I deleted 5 asks because I wasn’t going to dignify the asks with a response however I decided I am going to.

Just because two people have mutual feelings and respect towards another doesn’t mean they want to have sex and/or are.

Sex shouldn’t define a relationship to begin with. Also my sex life is my business and mine alone.

Thank you, carry on.


Cardinal-Cliff Walk, Newport, RI

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I hate guns. If you are one of those pro gun people who take one with you everywhere or think everyone should have one, I hope you get a loaded gun pointed at you by a family member like I have.

I own a mighty fine rape whistle, and I only intend to use it on the silly moron who decides to threaten my life.  I pray that I never have to use it; but I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.  image

I even take it with me when I go bike riding (on nice days, of course)



Most of the time though, you’d never even know that I carry.  


Have a great day, sweetie. 

And God bless.  

OK so before I even comment on the sheer stupidity of the OP’s comments, I gots to know, what is that sign behind you and the truck?  Is it a cow crossing?

gayaliensdotcom, I know someone who had a gun pointed at their head and it was because they carried that their life was saved. I am sorry that someone in your family had that happen to them, however; that is not justification for the banning of guns from law abiding citizens.  I actually feel much safer knowing I am around someone who is armed.  In fact, for my birthday I am taking the safety class so I can apply for my permit to carry.  

Guns are only harmful if in the wrong people’s hands.  Look up and research “secret city”.  It is the nickname given to New Bedford, MA. I live in that area, no amount of gun bans will stop gangs and criminals from obtaining guns but you seem to believe it is perfectly acceptable to take a gun out of my hands.  Why? And please don’t say the police will protect me because I once called the cops because someone pulled a blade out on a guy in the parking lot of the apartment complex i used to live in.  It took the cops 45 minutes to get to the area but not after the guys left.